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Matt Miofsky

Keynote: Recovering the "E" Word

A Workshop by Rev. Matt Miofsky (Lead and Founding Pastor, Author, The Gathering in St. Louis, Missouri.)

About this Workshop

Evangelism is a loaded term. From door-to-door religious salespeople to strong-arm tactics to get people to church, many pastors are rightfully skeptical of the word. Yet invitation is at the heart of our faith. Many of our churches still desire to reach new people but many of us don't know where to practically start. Evangelism is a muscle that has atrophied, and we need to rebuild the practice in a new way. Despite its misuse, evangelism is a word worth recovering. We will talk about what evangelism is, what it isn't, and most importantly, how we can recover a practice of invitation in our churches. In this talk, we will not only talk about a faithful way to think about evangelism but also learn several practical ways to teach it to our people.

About The Speakers

Matt Miofsky

Rev. Matt Miofsky

Lead and Founding Pastor, Author, The Gathering in St. Louis, Missouri.

Matt Miofsky is the Lead and Founding Pastor of The Gathering in St. Louis, Missouri. He is also the author of many books including "Let Go: Leaning Into the Future Without Fear"


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