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Matt Miofsky

Let Go: Leaning into the Future Without Fear (Managing Transition in your church)

A Workshop by Rev. Matt Miofsky (Lead and Founding Pastor, Author, The Gathering in St. Louis, Missouri.)

About this Workshop

We can’t avoid change. It is happening all around us. But we can avoid dealing with, making sense of, and responding to that change. Many leaders face the challenge of trying to help a church transition into the future. Leading through transitional times requires leading congregations and institutions through overcoming fear, managing uncertainty, and embracing the risk inherent in a new future. But hope lies in seeing change not as a problem to fear but an opportunity to live into. In this workshop, we will learn core principles that can help us lead change in our congregations. 

About The Speakers

Matt Miofsky

Rev. Matt Miofsky

Lead and Founding Pastor, Author, The Gathering in St. Louis, Missouri.

Matt Miofsky is the Lead and Founding Pastor of The Gathering in St. Louis, Missouri. He is also the author of many books including "Let Go: Leaning Into the Future Without Fear"


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